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I steal from others not to bother you- controversial pastor tells church

Controversial preacher's message to thieves rubs Kenyans wrong way

Controversial Bishop

Controversial preacher Godfrey Migwi might have rubbed many the wrong way with his sermon which misinterpreted the Bible.

Bishop Migwi who was preaching at a burial quoted the Bible claiming that the Apostle Paul said, “I steal from other places so as not to bother you”.

In my church, I welcome everyone, from thieves to prostitutes because I have seen God change others who were worse.


That gives me the courage to say that when they come to my church I won't turn anyone away,” Migwi stated.

What Bible?

However, these were not the words or the context that Apostle Paul had used exactly in his reference.

Migwi was referring to 2 Corinthians 11:8 whose right wording is, "I robbed other churches by taking wages from them to serve you".

Notably, during the sermon, the bishop welcomed thieves to visit his church saying that it the house of God was better than witch doctors.


It is better a thief to steal and run to the church than to steal and go to a witch doctor,” Bishop Migwi stated.

Corruption is psychological

He encouraged thieves to visit his church to hear the good news and for them to reform and change their ways.

Bishop Migwi stated: “Just as Jesus sat and ate with Zacchaeus in the book of Mathew and ended up changing him, it is the role of us men of God to take on this challenge of changing these people.”


According to bishop Migwi, those found engaging in graft should not only be jailed but also given spiritual guidance.

His sentiments come at a time when the church is facing massive criticism of swindling the congregation.

Others have also called for regulation of preachers and making them acquire certificates in theology before they are allowed to preach to the masses.


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