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Questions raised over the death of former Egerton student who was allegedly killed by a mob after busting his girlfriend in bed with another man

There is a story doing rounds on social media of one Charles Olweny who met a tragic end after he allegedly found his girlfriend in bed with another man.

Charles Olweny

As the story goes, Olweny had gone to see his girlfriend and found her in the company of another man in bed.

Seeing that he had been betrayed, Olweny allegedly got into a fight with the man who was having intercourse with his girlfriend and Olweny got bitten. And the bite marks can still be seen on his body after the horrible fight.

Charles allegedly started carrying his property like a gas cylinder and woofer and that is when the lady started screaming ‘Mwizi! (Thief) alerting the neighbours.

This is according to friend Richard Osungu who posted this:


The neighbours then came out and beat Olweny so viciously that he sustained both external and internal injuries. Injuries that led to the death of the young man said to have been a Medical Sales Representative at Pan Pharmaceuticals Ltd , Nairobi, Kenya and a former student at Egerton University.

“Olweny died in a cold blood murder. My friend was killed like a dog. You died a soldier. Ratego died fighting. I am mourning, I am left alone, my mentor gone, my true friend gone. You died a fighter, you died a hero, you died a soldier…” his friend Osungu Richard said in a social media post.

But a woman who goes by the name Njeri wa Saddam says that this was not the case, Olweny was a thief:

Njeri's account of the story has however been rubbished by Phoebe Mukii who wrote this in regards to the death of her friend:

Combined with Richard's post, Phoebe's account of the story has triggered backlash towards Njeri.  After receiving backlash on Kilimani mums and social media , she later changed her Facebook name to Kamamie Kamam so that she could post this:


But the women in Kilimani Mums did not buy her story, and went on to post this:

Tuvei:  Nashanga hii mama mpaka inajua jina ya his death supposed to entertain us? Must u kill someone to become famous?

Alisha Imani:  How can people be soo heartless and arrogant? You madam are a rotten human being. Is dick more important to you than a human life? May God and karma deal with your clitoris and the man whore murderer you colluded with in the harshest way possible because it's what you deserve. How do you sleep at night?????

Wambûi Ndungu: Madam if you played any role in the death of this man, you will never have peace in your remaining days on earth.

Janet Nyagemi Nyanchoka: If she is not ready to tell us the other part of the story she better shut up...why is she even trying to justify herself if indeed she is innocent....a poor woman just lost his beloved son,a poor sister/brother just lost his/her beloved brother this lady is adding salt to injury


Leah Mengah: no matter wat he did killing wasn't the option and stop changing your fb account lyk panty just know your a mum too nkt

Leah Mengah: I don't know you or the deceased but I just hate you

Sharon Sharon :If I do some analysis u posted arnd 2pm and incident happened at 11 am it’s okay bt at 2pm u already had the full information about the thief a graduate frm Egerton university bla bla meaning u knew this person frm the word go evn u had his pics from Facebook account kwani thiefs are easily identified like that?? Mama apana chezea akili thn frm ur 1st post u didnt knew him now hes ur ex!! May his blood never give you peace!!

Aimee Akinyi I smell arrogance all over this post, stop justifying yourself. There are so many unanswered questions. Go find peace with your inner self madam innocent.

After these posts on social media questions are being raised on whether Olweny met his death after his girlfriend shouted ‘thief’ or whether he was a thief. But one thing that is common in the two accounts of the story is that Olweny was a victim of mob justice, cases of which have been on the rise.


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