China's latest order reveals Kenyan Government's weakness in preventing Corona Virus

China is not taking any chances

China orders mandatory quarantine for people entering the country from Corona Virus -hit countries

The Government of China has issued strict guidelines requiring compulsory 14-day quarantine for people who will be visiting the country from countries that have significant cases of Corona Virus.

China government spokesperson, Xu Wei announced that the mandatory quarantine would apply to all people regardless of nationality and is aimed at controlling the deadly virus that ironically started in China.

Outside of China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran are the most hard-hit countries although other countries have continued to report more cases.

The move by the Chinese government is further expected to rub Kenyans the wrong way after government officials allowed 239 passengers flying from China to enter the country after a request that they self-quarantine for 14 days.

The passengers were flown in by China Southern Airlines from Guanghzhou - the city with the second highest cases of corona virus in China.

The High Court has since ordered the Government of Kenya to trace all the 239 passengers and subject them to mandatory 14-day quarantine at a KDF facility.

Five days since the court order, the government is yet to take action - further spreading fears of xenophobic attacks from Kenyans who are skeptical of interacting with Chinese nationals .


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