KBC news anchor suspended last night over demeaning comment on President Uhuru

Popular KBC news anchor, Roncliffe Odit, was last night ‘chased’ from KBC offices over demeaning comments made about President Uhuru Kenyatta.


So last night the national broadcaster KBC aired a clip of Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi addressing the media about a planned demonstration over corruption.

KBC news anchor-cum-reporter Roncliffe Odit was sent to cover the press conference by Boniface Mwangi.

Odit filed the report and also voiced it; but he failed to chop out a certain part which Boniface called President Uhuru Kenyatta ‘commander-in-thief’.

And KBC last night broadcasted the video with the part the Right Activist called Uhuru a ‘commander-in-thief’. They even uploaded the clip on their official YouTube Channel before they pulled it down today Wednesday October 2 at around 11.36 am.

“We are calling for this protest, and we are calling all Kenyans to join us on Thursday because it’s important that we stand up about corruption and say enough is enough. The President said that he doesn’t know what to do about corruption. So on Thursday we are going to present him a demand list with what he can be able to do about corruption. He’s slowly becoming commander-in-thief instead of commander-in-chief. So it is in our own interest as a country to stop the looting of public resources by telling the President what he can do as legally mandated. However, we have a big message; if he’s unable to do his work, if he thinks that he is helpless, incompetent and cannot do his job, we are asking him to resign. So on Thursday we have a demand list for the President, and telling him legally this he can be able to do. But if he is unable to do those things, he can actually save this country the theft, the loss of money, the embarrassment and just resign.” Boniface Mwangi said in a clip broadcast on prime time bulletin and posted on YouTube by KBC.

As said earlier, KBC has pulled down the video from YouTube but Ghafla! had already downloaded the video by the time they deleted it.

Inside sources at KBC tell Ghafla! that Roncliffe Odit was last night called to the office of the Editor in Chief who told him to go home and that the suspension letter was to be sent to him later.

The editor was on phone talking to a ‘big man’ when Odit walked to the office. There was no explanation to Odit’s suspension.

Odit’s colleagues at KBC have however confined to Ghafla! that the up-sound (byte) of Boniface Mwangi telling Uhuru that he is now the commander-in-thief was the reason why he (Odit) had been suspended.


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