Gov't orders Cleanshelf Supermarkets to refund customers for hiking price

Cleanshelf ordered to refund customers after hiking prices

Cleanshelf supermarket

The Competition Authority of Kenya has issued a remedial order to Cleanshelf Supermarkets after they allegedly inflated prices to hand sanitizers.

In the statement issued on Monday, the Authority said that they had probed Cleanshelf Supermarkets and established that the prices of Tropical hand sanitizers (500ml) had been adjusted.

According to the Authority, cleanshelf sells the hand sanitizers at Ksh800 for but the prices had been adjusted to Ksh1,000.

"Cleanshelf Supermarkets normally retails the hand sanitizer at Ksh800, however, on March 15 the same batch of product to consumers at varying amounts above Ksh800," the authority in a statement said.

Exploitation of customers

The Authority termed the move as an exploitation of customers, demanding that Cleanshelf contacts all customers who purchased the product and refund them within the next 10 days.

The retailer, therefore, exploited its relative strength as a retailer to commercially detriment consumers whose bargaining position has been diminished following the pronouncement of existence COVID-19 in Kenya.

The Authority has therefore ordered Cleanshelf to contact and refund all the customers who purchased the 960 pieces of the Tropical brand hand sanitizers above the usual selling price and submit evidence to support the same March 26, 2020,” the statement stated.


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