Coronavirus curfew night of terror: Videos of police brutality emerge

Kenyans suffered the wrath of brutal police force on the first night of the Coronavirus curfew

Police whipping Kenyans who were caught up in the night of terror

The first day of the partial curfew instituted by President Uhuru Kenyatta to contain the Coronavirus pandemic was arked by police brutality as the men in uniform descended on unlucky Kenyans who were not at home after 7PM-5AM curfew came into place.

In what human rights activists maintain was blatant disregard of the law, police officers across the country were caught on camera whipping and harassing Kenyans.

Not even the glaring cameras could deter the police officers. Among those caught up in the night of terror were motorists and pedestrians who opted to walk home after public service vehicles kept off the road as soon as the curfew set in.

Even essential food and delivery service providers who were exempted from the curfew met the wrath of the marauding officers.

A driver who was transporting food was caught on camera being roughed up and whipped by the police even as he unsuccessfully attempted to explain himself out.

"Ati unatransport nini hiyo? We umeskia tunataka kukula? Na unatuangalia? Tafuta petrol station ulale uko. (Whatever you are transporting is not important and in any case we do not want to eat. Stop staring at us, get into the vehicle and find a petrol station to sleep at) said one officer as they roughed up and whipped the man.

Another motorist in a private car was forced to run for his life after several police officers descended on him. He had to pull away from the grasp of one of the men in uniform, a move which was taken to be an attempt to fight back and saw police officers go after him with brutal force as he ran away.

Even before the curfew set in, police officers were already terrorizing Kenyans as was the case in Mombasa where an NTV Cameraman was roughed up and battered.

Ferry users were equally not spared from the wrath of the men in blue.


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