Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has said that the Coronavirus infections can re-occur to patients between 30 and 50 days after the initial recovery.

Speaking during a press briefing on Thursday, the CS said it only happens to people with compromised immune systems, and it is good patients who have recovered know this and take necessary precautions.

Patients can indeed suffer infections more than once because the virus can re-occur between 30 and 50 days after the initial recovery. Therefore people who have recovered are supposed to know that fact so that they can maintain a certain element of healthcare to themselves. It has been found that this only happens to patients with compromised immune systems,” said CS Kagwe.

The Health CS called on Kenyans to adhere to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health to ensure that we succeed in containing the deadly Covid-19 disease, without destroying the gains made since it was first reported.

In his remarks, Mutahi Kagwe noted that countries that had contained the disease, have started enforcing containment restrictions again, after patients who had recovered tested positive for coronavirus.

As you may be aware, there are several countries experiencing a re-emergence of Covid-19 after they had successfully contained it. Lebanon, Iran, South Korea, Germany China and even Ghana, counties that had been hailed as global success stories are again enforcing restrictions for this reason,” added the Health Cabinet Secretary.

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