Coronavirus might be with us for a long time – Dr. Mercy Mwangangi

CAS Mwangangi spoke on Thursday

Coronavirus might be with us for a long time – Dr. Mercy Mwangangi

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Mercy Mwangangi has said that the novel coronavirus disease might stay with us longer than we expect.

Speaking during the brief on Covid-19 situation in country, Dr. Mwangangi said that scientist and other experts had confirmed that the deadly virus could stay longer, as announced by the World Health Organization.

This virus maybe with us for a long time to come and therefore it requires us to maintain our current containment measures and to ensure that we can chat a way forward as to how we are able to live with Corona,” she said.

The CAS further stated that the disease is now part of our lives and that the government is working on safe ways to have people return to normalcy.

I’m sure you have seen different countries are putting in pace interventions as to how they can continue with a new normal because it will never be back to the olden days. This is a new normal and therefore the same measures are being evaluated within the country,” said Dr. Mwangangi.

These measures according to CAS Mwangangi include: How to maintain continuity of business while ensuring we have social and physical distancing, and that we are able to prevent the rising cases of coronavirus.


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