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CS Wamalwa opens up on family fight over Kijana Wamalwa's wealth

Kijana Wamalwa's children are in court over the inheritance

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa

Devolution CS Eugen Wamalwa has finally spoken out concerning the ongoing battle for his late brother Kijana Wamalwa's wealth.

CS Wamalwa had been accused by Yvonne Wamalwa's two children, Michelle Chichi and Derek Mboya, of siding with their elder siblings in attempting to leave them out in the inheritance.

"The people who are fighting against us are extremely influential and respected, they are on TV every day with the President or the Deputy President," Mboya said during an interview with Citizen Tv.


Reacting to the accusations, CS Wamalwa termed his nephew and niece's views as "fake news".

He further added admitted that the family was going through turbulence but insisted that the matter will be handled by the court.

A stranger to Kijana Wamalwa's estate

The former VP's firstborn daughter Alice Muthoni had also responded to the press statement by Yvonne's children.

She especially took issue with Derek, terming him as a stranger because he came into the marriage with his mother and was not biologically related to the late VP.


"We were surprised to see through the media yesterday, a statement by Mr Derek Mboya touching on matters relating to our late father’s estate to which he is a stranger as he is neither a beneficiary nor an authorized person to speak on our behalf," Muthoni stated.

Michele had also claimed that she has been forced to drop out of school after her elder siblings cut off support, allegedly trying to blackmail her into submission.

"If you want to continue with school, if you want food, then sell the house," Michelle claimed is the response she gets when she asks to return to school.


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