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CS Mucheru goes on bare knuckle attack against Ruto

CS Mucheru who is known to keep off politics had a few words for Ruto.

ICT CS Joe Mucheru during a past interview

ICT and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru tore into Deputy President William Ruto's hustle narrative as well as his proposed economic blueprint which has now been commonly referred to as bottom up.

Speaking in Kiambu on Monday, August 23 where he launched the National Council of Churches in Kenya Youth Fragility Report, he also said that politicians should not be allowed to use the name of God in vain.

In his bare knuckle attack of DP Ruto, Mucheru said that the far-fetched economic fantasies are anchored on falsehoods sprinkled liberally with proclamations of sanctity by leaders who should know better.


"Where has the church been when some of these falsehoods are being perpetrated, sometimes from the pulpit by these misleaders? For us to have a wholesome youth for wholesome society, society must endeavor to tell the truth even when it hurts – because the truth shall set you free!," he stated.

CS Mucheru added that the church should be the pillar of truth, the beacon of light that should shine on these dark falsehoods by false prophets.

However, he noted that to a large extent, some churches have not lived up to this expectation.

"The main problem as I see it, is that these churches have been silenced by massive donations from politicians, who have then been gifted with the pulpit to preach the gospel of division and nudge citizens towards a class war. These Bible waving politicians have especially targeted the youth because they think – wrongly – that youth are gullible and easy to manipulate.

"Do not be lied to. You must expose these peddlers for who they are: snake oil salesmen who will go to any extent to gain political power. You must see beyond the smokescreen and unmask these people who are out to take advantage of you," CS Mucheru went on.


He referenced Matthew 7:21 where Jesus Christ warned against false prophets saying, "Not everyone who calls me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the Kingdom of heaven…"

"Similarly in our society, remember that not everyone who proclaims their religion by shouting from the mountain top ‘Bwana asifiwe’ and ‘Hallelujah’s’ at every opportunity means well. For some, their actions betray them," Mucheru stated.

He explained that since his private phone number was maliciously publicized Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, he receives hundreds of calls and messages daily from desperate youth who have hit rock bottom and are looking for a way out.


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