Daily Nation publishes another strange post in the obituaries

What exactly does it mean?

Front page of Daily Nation on March 5, 2019 when they published a strange "obituary" on Syrian boy Omran Daqneesh

The Daily Nation has once again published a strange post in the Obituaries section of the daily publication.

The post which appeared in the Tuesday paper bore the heading: "Prayer for Omran's understanding."

The poster had the image of clasped hands and was addressed to Omran Daqneesh, a Syrian boy who was captured in a photo while bloody after surviving an air strike at his home in Aleppo.

The photo of the bloodied boy was splashed across publications that reported the skirmishes in Syria to highlight the plight of innocent civilians at the height of the war in 2016.

Prayer for Omran 3 years Later

Aside from the fact that the published "prayer" had come three years after Omran's ordeal, the post also strangely referred to the boy as a "one-year-old" while he was actually five when the incident happened on August 17, 2016.

The published "obituary" also appeared to be a screen shot taken from a smart phone as it bore the time at the top right corner along with the battery charge and network strength icons.

In February 2018, Nation published an obituary for one James Richard Wanjagi with a photo of tenderpreneur Jimi Wanjigi.

The post attracted the wrath of Mr Wanjigi who claimed that his children were traumatized by news of his alleged death.


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