Man almost loses penis after putting wedding ring on it [Graphic Photos]

A young man suffers severe case of blue balls after putting his wedding ring on it.


A 28-year-old man almost lost his penis after he put his wedding ring on it for 'erotic reasons'.

The young man whose identity has been withheld was reportedly rushed to the casualty department of Van Velden Hospital, which is in the rural part of Limpopo Province, South Africa by his mother after his sexual fetish started to go wrong.

By the time they arrived in the hospital, his penis was severely swollen and blue.

According to the South African Medical Journal, the unidentified young man admitted to wearing the ring for four hours for sexual reasons on the recommendation of his friends.

The young man whose wife was delivered two weeks earlier by cesarean section was taken for an emergency surgery and had blood drained out of his genitals.

The ring was eventually taken off with a surgical saw. Fortunately, for him, he recovered fully after undergoing the procedure and being given antibiotics.

He was reportedly discharged three days after the harrowing incident.


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