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David Ndii exposes Miguna as twitter war reveals inner secrets

Ndii and Miguna expose each other in twitter beef

Lawyer Miguna Miguna and Economist David Ndii

Lawyer Miguna Miguna disagreed with the set strategy for Raila Odinga's swearing-in and demanded they take power instead of sharing it, according to Economist Dr David Ndii.

Dr Ndii claimed that Miguna was pushing Mr Odinga to take the oath of office outside the country and arm-twist the international community into recognizing the AU envoy as the leader of the country.

"Miguna wanted power, that's why we disagreed on the swearing on strategy. He was pushing Raila to take official oath outside the country and demanding international recognition from exile. 1/6," Dr Ndii stated.


Staged arrest

However, Dr Miguna defended himself from the allegations saying that the swearing-in was aimed at triggering a revolutionary moment.

He further dismissed Dr Ndii's statement as a lie questioning why he was the one who was seen swearing-in Mr Odinga inside the country and not outside as alleged.

Miguna stated: "This is a lie. I was neither a member or NASA nor of ODM. I was only the head of operations of the NRM. So, how could I, as one person, have the power to "push Raila to take the oath outside the country?" Why is it that I'm the one who swore him-in INSIDE THE COUNTRY?"

The controversial lawyer went ahead to claim that Dr Ndii's arrest was staged as they had plotted with the government to exile him outside the country.


NIS sponsored Miguna

"Unknown to me by December 2018, Raila and his fellow cowards like David Ndii had cut retrogressive deals with the despots in exchange for my brutalization, detention and forced exile 2 months later. That's why Ndii was given an Shs10K police bond after his staged arrest," Miguna said.

The two kept on revealing each other's secrets with Dr Ndii hinting that Dr Miguna was a sell out as his first book on Raila was sponsored by the NIS.

Dr Ndii asked: "Now that you bring the mole subject up, did the NIS sponsor your first book on Raila? Did you meet Gichangi on the same? Please reflect on your responses carefully."


However, Miguna denied the claims and asked Dr Ndii to prove his allegations as their twitter war waged on.


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