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I have given up on Kenya, stop asking me to expose corruption – David Ndii

"I cannot risk my life for this country"

Economist David Ndii

Economist and public intellectual David Ndii on Monday declared that he had given up on Kenya, adding that his critics should stop daring him to expose corruption by powerful government officials.

Ndii spoke a day after an interview with K24 where he cast a dark image of the state of the Kenyan economy.

"The rest of the Jubilee term for the economy is actually lost. We are where we were with Moi around 2001. The only thing that the Moi government could have done is hold fort until the end of his term."

"People keep asking: "What are the solutions?' If the solutions were available, you don't need me. You could google them. Policy change is a hands on thing. It is not something you write for people," he said.


Ndii's critics, however, accused him of failing to expose corruption in the high levels of government that had led to the current economic stalemate.

In his characteristics no-nonsense style, the economist responded by stating that he would not bother risking his life for a country he had already given up on.

Why would I risk my life exposing the corruption and standing up to this murderous duo for a country that I have given up on? What do you stand for?” Ndii posed.

In another tweet, the former NASA strategist defended his decision not to attack President Uhuru Kenyatta during the K24 – insinuating that it would not have been published.

I thought you would attack Uhuru's policies the way you have been doing in social media but wapi ? Or we got the edited version of the interview ? I was expecting a bare knuckle attack on Uhuru as a person!” Philip Gitau posed.


To be broadcast by K24? Ninyi watu tumieni akili sometimes (Use your brain sometimes),” Ndii responded. 


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