Family executes man who shot and killed his children after argument with wife

An eye for an eye, family serves justice for murdered children

Police at a scene of a past lynching. David Yano killed and buried by family members after shooting children

The family of David Yano from Elgeyo Marakwet on Thursday served their own form of justice to the man just days after he murdered his own children.

Yano, who had fled his home after spraying six children with bullets, was hunted by youths from his family and executed in public.

Th relatives who hail from Kimaus Village found Yano hiding out at Kabulwo Trading Centre and carried him to their home where they shot him six times at 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

"He was attacked and buried by locals who said he had ashamed the village by killing innocent children. Police were not involved after the citizen's arrest," one resident told reporters.

David Yano wanted to kill his estranged wife Nancy Jebet

Early Monday morning, Yano walked to his in-laws' home where he opened fire on children who were sleeping in their beds killing three, two of the deceased children were his.

Two children who survived the attack were immediately rushed to hospital where they were still receiving treatment when Yano was executed.

Yano and his wife Nancy Jebet separated in March this year and she is said to have escaped the attack after a tip-off that her ex-husband was planning to attack her.

"Jebet was lucky because she fled with her baby on Sunday evening upon receiving information that she was being sought by her husband who had plans to hurt her. She didn’t know that her husband would turn the gun on innocent children," a resident of the village told reporters.

Marakwet East Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Sangolo confirmed the incident stating that the police did not know who had conducted the execution.

"We received information from some residents who have been helping us trace the suspect. But we discovered later that he had been killed under unclear circumstances," he stated.


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