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Dennis Itumbi attacked over birthday message to Ruto

Itumbi pours his heart out in message to DP Ruto and a section of Kenyans are not impressed

Dennis Itumbi – I have spoken to Maribe, she will say what she knows

Dennis Itumbi found himself on the receiving end hours after he penned down a special message to Deputy President William Ruto as he celebrated his birthday.

Mr Itumbi took to Facebook to wish the DP a happy birthday and showered him with praise calling him a true friend a politician who understood and valued humanity.

He went ahead to describe him as someone who offered guidance, mentorship and friendship. Itumbi refereed him as a listener and a cheerful person who lit up people’s spirits.


Happy Birthday boss. You are a friend. A true friend. You are a politician who understands and who has humanity right at the centre of your being. For 9 years you have always offered your guidance, mentorship and most importantly friendship. There are no ups and downs when it comes to you, you call, listen, admonish, share stories and each time any of us is down you call and literally cheer us up.” Read part of the message.

The Digital strategist further went ahead to tell him that the fact that they prayed together every Wednesday created a bond that was only unique to him.

Bosses come in many forms, you are a firm, friendly and great boss. The fact that we pray together for self, family and the Nation every Wednesday - bonds us in a way that is only unique to you. May your birthday, shower blessings along your path, clear the endless hurdles put your way and where the hurdles must remain, may God hand you enough stamina to jump each of them.”

I pray that your birthday, begins the short two year journey to the fulfilment of the dream of a sunrise whose Golden rays are shaping beautifully and elegantly in the daily horizon of your hardwork, sincerity and sacrifice. I am happy to call you a friend, a practical mentor, a boss, my Deputy President and God Willing the 5th President of The Republic of Kenya. My last word, Proverbs 4:25 - " Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you." Happy Birthday! Salute!” Read part of the message.


His heartfelt message to the Deputy president did not augur well with netizens as some went ahead to accuse him of loving the Dp’s money while others suggested that he was so obsessed with Ruto that he lost his relevance in the industry.

Some netizens were angered because they couldn't agree with what he had said about the president,

Mr Itumbi went on to reply that what he earned was comfortable with him and he didn’t need the DP to pay him anything.

I am happy with what I earn bro. It is not much. But comfortable. I am grateful. I therefore do not need DP to pay me anything.” Read Itumbi’s response.

Here are some of the comments


@Jared Oyoo Ouko Itumbi you just love Dp money, nothing more.happy birthday daktari

@Murigi Muturi James You are Soo obsessed with Dp. You lost relevance kwa ground.

@Elkana Odhiambo Ouma Handouts driven wishes from Itumbi

@Broxton Langat RIP YEBEI, JACOB JUMA, MUSANDO.. Heart of humanity my foot...

@Patrick Wandera Thanks for believing in illusions


@Kwobs Dechampion Cash language, money is sweet

@Gody Isdore Godin Why are not mentioning the financial support. Ama hio ni siri

@Boniface Kamau Vincent Happy birthday to him! To all Kenyans typing sijui my 5th president...ooh, incoming president 2022...WAJINGA NYINYI!

@Paul Owuoche Do not mock God and or the Scriptures

@Chriss Will See how money can make a man worship a fellow man. See your life?


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