Uhuru's little known relative who is BFFs with Miguna Miguna

It's a small world

Lawyer Miguna Miguna

Politics is often described as the art of the possible which often means that politicians make friends and enemies from all manner of characters in order to achieve their mission.

Controversial activist Miguna Miguna is perhaps one of the most abrasive politician who has featured in Kenyan politics since independence.

Onbe of his harshest critics has been President Uhuru Kenyatta who is often described in unprintable adjectives.

Interestingly, Miguna and Uhuru share a close connection in the name of Denvon Nesbith - a Canada-based ICT expert.

Nesbith is one of Miguna's closest friends but also happens to be married to Uhuru's first cousin, former Kiambu Woman Rep Anna Nyokabi Gatheca.

Nesbith, who is of Jamaican descent, met Miguna at York University where they co-founded the Pan-African Law Society which sought to fight racism in the university and around Toronto.

Another student at York University at the time was Nyokabi, who would later become Nesbith's husband.

In his book, Miguna describes his Jamaican comrade in glowing regard, and one of the people who helped him start his political career in Kenya.

"Another permanent feature in my life has been Denvon Nesbith. I met Denvon in Toronto after I joined Osgoode Hall Law School in 1990. Together with two of my best friends – Joma Nyakorema Nkombe and Livingston Wedderburn – we formed the Pan-African Law Society at York University through which we mobilised and agitated against racism and discrimination both at York and around Toronto

Although Denvon, like many others, wasn’t a law student, he joined our organization because we understood that the issues of systemic and institutional racism were not limited to Osgoode Hall Law School or York University. Denvon has remained a true friend throughout. Although he developed a severe kidney failure that forced him to prematurely leave his lucrative ICT consulting practice, he has remained brave and uncomplaining.

Even though he attends dialysis thrice every week, Denvon developed my website in 2007 as a contribution to my political foray and has been managing it ever since. Without Denvon, even this book wouldn’t have been published in record speed. He is the person who has been posting and updating the website, which in many ways hasn’t just kept my readers, friends and supporters informed, but has also served as the security for everything I write. I pray that Denvon gets a donor soon so that he can continue to contribute towards the final liberation of Africa. I cannot thank Denvon enough.


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