Govt finally releases census report on top 10 biggest tribes in Kenya

Here is the full list

Department of Planning Kenya releases 2019 census report showing the top 10 biggest tribes in Kenya

Treasury CS Ukur Yatani on Friday released the 2019 census report that revealed the top ten largest communities in Kenya.

The census report showed the Kikuyus are the dominant community in Kenya with a population of 8.14 million.

On the other hand the Dahalo tribe is the least populous in Kenya with a population of 575.

Other least populous communities include Kenyan Americans with 596, Gosha with 685, El Molo with 1104 and the Konso with 1299 people.

The 2019 population and Census results released on November 4 showed that the Kenyan population has grown to 47.6 million.

Here is the full list of the top 10 populous communities:

Kikuyus are most populous tribe in Kenya according to the Population and Houses census released today.

1. Kikuyus 8.14 M

2. Luhyas 6.823M

3. Kalenjin 6.3M

4. Luos 5.066M

5. Kambas 4.663M

6. Kenyan Somalis 2.780M

7. Kisiis 2.703M

8. Mijikenda 2.48M

9.Meru 1.75M

10.Maasai 1.189M


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