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9-year-old boy dies after doctor's mistake that led to bone cancer

Interpretation gotten all wrong

The late Randy Mutua (Standard)

A doctor at a hospital in Fedha estate Nairobi gave a wrong interpretation of a leg fracture that led to bone cancer and death of a boy.

The institution had done an x-ray on a boy identified as Randy Mutua, who had suffered a leg fracture in his left fibia, after being tackled by a friend while playing.

The health institution had advised the boy’s father, Anthony Siku, to get a cast for the leg.


“The hospital recommended a full cast on the leg and we went to Mama Lucy where the casting was done,” stated Siku.

The condition of the leg had however not improved in September 2018, and the father had been forced to change the casting after it had started getting loose.

Three weeks later, Randy’s foot had swollen and was rushed back to hospital.

Siku, opted to take his nine-year-old son to Metropolitan Hospital in Buruburu where an orthopedic bone specialist told him that Randy had a tumour.

“He looked at the X-rays and asked if Randy had complained of any pains before the injury.


“He said that what he was suspecting could only be confirmed after an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging),” remarked Randy’s father.

MRI and CT scan confirm Randy has bone cancer

In January this year, the father received the results from the MRI and a CT scan (Computed tomography) that had been done, and it had been confirmed that Randy had osteogenic sarcoma (a type of a bone cancer that begins in the cells that form bones).

The boy unfortunately succumbed to the illness on March 9 as he was being rushed to hospital.


Randy’s condition had got worse after he developed mouth sores, which was a side effect of the chemotherapy he had been undergoing after the family decided to start the treatment immediately, which made it difficult for him to eat.

He had also complained that he had not been able to pass urine the night before his death.


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