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Kenyans attack DP Ruto over furious morning tweet

Shetani Ashindwe!

File image of Deputy President William Ruto

A section of Kenyans on Sunday morning launched attacks on Deputy President William Ruto over his furious tweet.

In the tweet, the Deputy President threw shade saying that efforts to empower the church were offending evil spirits worshiped by some leaders, and they were going round spreading desperate lies.

This was after his Pajero gift to the new Kisumu Diocese Archbishop Phillip Anyolo was rejected.


The master of deceit as always is spewing desperate lies. The car gift was bought by Christian leaders including UK and myself at the request of the chair of Catholic mps. Understandably Empowering the church offends magicians and the evil spirits they worship. Shetani ashindwe!” read the DP’s tweet.

Twitter users who were not impressed with the Deputy President’s choice of words then responded with attacks to the DP.

Here are their tweets;

@Kiremavinni Kiswahili miingmiingi na cat walk.. Your goose is cooked.

@cliffotieno Dr... What's happening with you of late.. you have developed lots of bitterness and hate.. are things Ok in your camp? That's spirit of hate ni ya shetani ashindwe!!


@Shaky45365211 Bitterness ni ya nini? A thief is a thief

@Angkennedy Wewe pia punguza thirstiness ya wizi,umeiba pesa mingi which you will not spend in your entire life...stop stealing more in the name of launching hewa puga!!

@Wan_Z_Ke The master of looting is always spewing desperate lies. 21 billion was looted on his behalf in Kamworor dam project and not 7 billion as he stated.Understably the empowering the poor people offends looters and idols they worship. Wezi washindwe!!

@Tekkta If corrupt people were to grow tails , Ruto your tail would be longer than that of a colobus monkey , probably it would stretch from Nairobi to Sugoi !

@Margaret11690 Come from lord of corruption who loots without caring about his poor mens and lie with a straight face


@76334f844e6a446 Shetani anainama,anageuka anaona ruto anatoroka

@GeorgeAlaka3 This coming from the master of criminals and deceit is no surprise. Unfortunately fools exist and they'll blindly cheer you up, while on the other hand you're stealing the little that is meant to improve there lives.

@GangaPutraBhshm The Pope is a wise spiritual leader with ambassadors (apostolic nuncios) in every country. Accept his decision with humility and do soul searching. God is all merciful.

@jaffer_arunga You perfectly fit the definition of preaching water and taking wine. Words full of God, with actions opposite

@jamesabok2015 ,Must you drag UK 's name everywhere? Shetani ya Shamba ishindwe.


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