DP Ruto's ex-chief of staff to launch political career

She has hinted at working with DP Ruto in "higher office"

Former chief-of-staff Maryanne Kitany and Deputy President William Ruto

2022 election politics seems to be taking shape as more public figures begin to declare their candidature.

In a week that has seen Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rallies revived , Deputy President William Ruto's former chief-of-staff Maryanne Kitany has disclosed her political ambitions.

Kitany, who was the subject of a highly publicized divorce suit in 2019, has hinted at vying for political office in the upcoming General Election.

She added that if not for an elective position, she will consider serving DP Ruto but at a "higher office".

"It's been about five years since we worked together but I would still consider working for DP Ruto. Only that now I would prefer to work on the political side not as a public servant because when I worked for him I was a public servant. But if I was to work for him, maybe on the political front," Kitany noted.

She went on describe her work relationship with the DP disclosing that he was a very strict boss who brought out the best in his workers.

"He is very tough but to people who don't know what they are doing. I knew what I was doing so we didn't have run-ins when I worked with him.

"For the period I worked with him, some of the traits I observed that I think would make him a good president are his listening skills and his closeness to people. He used to interact with people a lot and now as a citizen I still watch him doing it. That closeness to the common mwananchi, that so called 'hustler' is what could boost him if he is to get that position," she explained.

Ms Kitany was speaking to ViuSasa from her home in Nairobi where she further explained that political office is a position that is given by the people.

"Having worked with politicians, let me say that it is a sphere that one can be tempted to get into... But where I come from, it is not a position you give yourself people have to endorse you," she noted.

Kitany added that she had been receiving phone calls from various people asking her to consider political office over the past months.

"For the past two months I've received many calls and a lot of invitations to go for the seat. I'm still deciding but basically, I'd say I have the opportunity now," she stated.

Ms Kitany hails from Kapchumosin village in Aldai constituency, it can be deduced that it is that parliamentary seat that she may eyeing.


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