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DPP takes action after viral story of innocent woman jailed for 10 years

Sad story of injustices in Kenyan courts

DPP Noordin Haji takes action after viral story of innocent woman jailed for 10 years

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has taken action after a local television story aired the story of a woman who was jailed for a crime she claims she did not commit.

The story of Lydiah Achieng was aired by Inooro TV, prompting huge reactions as Kenyans from across the country protested the failure of the criminal justice system.

Achieng’ narrated her story on how she fell out with a relatively wealthy connected neighbor who then falsely accused her of defiling her son.

The reporter quoted the prisoner’s former neighbors who were aware of the matter claiming that the unidentified neighbor held a grudge after a girl Achieng was living with started a relationship with the son.


Keriako Tobiko

At some point, the accuser withdrew her claims against Achieng’ and sought to withdraw the matter but the court refused the application, demanding to get word from the Attorney General.

Kenyans were particularly angered at the seemingly haphazard manner in which Achieng’s case was handled by the judge and the investigating officers who sentenced her to ten years in jail even though there was no record of evidence against her.

Haji has said that although the conviction was carried out during the old constitution where police officers acted as prosecutors, he would follow up the matter.


Attached media clip has been brought to the attention of the DPP. Despite the fact that convict was charged during the era of Police Prosecutors and before the 2010 Constitution, the DPP has directed that an immediate follow be done. Cc @inoorotvNews,” the DPP said in a tweet.

Here is the documentary, courtesy of Inooro TV

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