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6 Electoral irregularities IEBC should account for

Various political leaders even those who conceded are now raising alarm over serious electoral irregularities as they emerge.

Former gubernatorial candidate Dr Miguna is one of them. Earlier on this morning during an after-poll election review on TV Dr Miguna, alongsideKiambu County Senator Wamatangi Kimani and James Mueru, highlighted various irregularities which occurred during the electoral process that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is yet to account for.

Dr Miguna questioned IEBC Chairman, Wafula Chebukati, who publicly admitted on live TV that there was hacking of the system. He demanded that the people be told who did it, the purpose and how they failed.  He said, “Chebukati acknowledged that there was hacking of the system. It was a public admission and we need to know who attempted to hack the system, when did they attempt to hack the system, how did they fail and for what purpose did they try to hack the system.”

He also stated that the mere fact that Form 34 A and B were completed does not mean that they tallied with the ballots that were cast stating that it is one of the steps IEBC should take to ensure that the people are satisfied with the results. He stated, “The mere fact that because the form 34 A and B were completed does not necessarily mean that they tallied with the ballots that were cast. We need to be sure that in truth the results that were declared reflect the will of the people. That is something the election people can do to ensure that the people are satisfied with the results.”


The former gubernatorial candidate also highlighted incidents during the electoral process where various electoral officers were arrested and prosecuted stating that IEBC did not account for it to the people.

Dr Miguna also demanded to know what the electoral body had done to the unauthorized people who were found illegally handling ballot papers in Nairobi stating that it would be wrong to say that the electoral process was free and fair.

“ We are aware of some electoral officers took off from the polling station, got arrested and prosecuted. We don’t know why. We also know of incidents where ballot papers were found with people not authorized to have them in Nairobi. Therefore, we cannot not sweepingly say that the elections war nicely done and it was credible.”

In a very firm voice, the former candidate stated that he was not addressing his questions for Jubilee to answer but for IEBC to account for them. He stated, " I am not saying that Jubilee should be answering the questions. The question should be asked to IEBC. My questions are aimed at making the system good. I am not saying that Uhuru did not win but I want IEBC to prove how he did it."

Former independent presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot who was one of the first to concede early defeat in the race has also raised alarm stating that indeed there are irregularities IEBC is yet to account for.


Taking it to his Twitter account, Aukot urged Kenyans to stop being emotional and address the errors emerging instead of sweeping them under the carpet. He mentioned that Raila zero votes from some polling stations in Kisumu asking if it is even possible.

He said, “Only truth and justice on what happened at transmission of results will set IEBC free. Even number last in a race must concede defeat. It does not mean they can’t speak out on an injustice.”

Many other politicians from the Opposition have claimed that the elections were seriously flawed.


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