9 Things Uhuru Would Rather do Instead of Attending Presidential Debate

This is what will be keeping President Kenyatta busy.


This is according to a tweet posted by State House Communication Director Dennis Itumbi on Monday.

Apart from the cliché reason that he will be out meeting Kenyans during his campaign rallies and that he was not consulted, there are a couple of nine activities the President would rather be engaged in, instead of attending a boring debate.

Undoubtedly the Head of State is a fun guy who will rather be somewhere else instead of being grilled on some of the promises Jubilee never fulfilled or how to create the heaven it has painted in the recently released manifesto.

Plive.co.ke compiled some of the things the President will probably be doing on the night of the debate:

1. Dabbing

The Head of State loves to jig a little and this can be one of the exciting things he would rather do instead of being questioned about his vision for the Nation.

2. Cooking chapatis

Mr Kenyatta was taught to cook some chapos by the Dawoodi Bohra community when he inaugurated Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Arabic Academy Complex at Karen.

Maybe, just maybe, he would prefer putting this into practice.

3. Having a drink

President Kenyatta is an alcohol lover and this could be a nice way to spend his night after long campaigns across the country.

4. Taking notes about his next move

NASA Presidential aspirant Raila Odinga mentioned that he will be attending the debate.

As Odinga tells the country what he plans to do, the President will probably seize the chance to take notes on some of the points he will implement.

5. Shopping for Clothes

Probably Kenyatta said that he would not be attending the debate after seeing that he will be required to don in either black, deep grey, navy/deep blue formal business suits.

This will be time to do some shopping probably.

6. Selfies

The President enjoys taking selfies and maybe, just maybe this will be a great opportunity to do so.

7. Enjoying tea

After almost every press conference at State House, Kenyatta always invites members of the Fourth estate to take a cup of tea with him. Good idea for the debate night!

8. Launching projects

The Head of State has commissioned thousands of projects since he came to power and the day for the debate this can be a serious activity to engage in.

9. Eating Nyama Choma

The president will probably be indulging in his favourite delicacy, nyama choma as the country heckle on twitter why he ditched the debate.


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