A Kalonzo Presidency is a stupid idea - Mutahi Ngunyi [VIDEO]

The political scientist highlighted that it was imperative for Kenyans to change their minds because innovations have forever been viewed as stupid ideas.


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has opined that a ‘Kalonzo Musyoka Presidency’ is an idea that may outwardly seem stupid to an ordinary Kenyan.

In his opinion piece titled, Raila Must Go: A letter to NASA, Mr Ngunyi noted that Kenyans had been trained to only see Odinga as the Opposition’s Presidential candidate, hence, a person like Musyoka stood no chance of being accepted as a flag bearer.

“Tricky moments call for innovative thinking. Innovation is nothing but stupidity to the trained eye. If the eye is trained to see Raila, Kalonzo becomes a stupid idea,” Ngunyi said.

The political scientists stated that since Odinga had consistently failed in his attempt to be the President of Kenya, then change of tact ought to be applied.

“But if the eye is running away from ideas that have failed then the stupid idea becomes the innovation.  And this is how the electric bulb was discovered. Similarly, such innovations as Mpesa, Facebook and Google were originally stupid, they were created by fellows who asked the right questions and they asked the questions when everyone was choking from exhausted ideas – like Raila for instance,” he noted.

Ngunyi added that Musyoka and Amani National Congress (ANC) party Musalia Mudavadi must not cower to the former Prime Minister but rather step out and run against him.

“For them running against Raila is suicidal but running with Raila is also suicidal. They should combine and isolate Raila in my view. And who knows the courage and innovation might just invite the support of the gods. If KAlonzo and Mudavadi run the country will be safe but if Raila is the NASA candidate, the country could most probably burn!” Ngunyi concluded.

Here is the video:


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