Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Tuesday night stormed the KTN studio in the county, where the media house had set up the

Mr. Mutua interrupted the live programming with a group of supporters, who reportedly threatened to beat up the KTN crew.

In a footage shared by the media house, Mr. Mutua is captured in a confrontation with Swahili news anchor Mashirima Kapombe.

The drama started when Ms. Kapombe interviewed the Governor’s rivals after Mutua refused to respond to their request to appear for the interview.

"Since last night and the whole day we tried to call you but you did not respond. We even sent you messages," Ms Kapombe said.

One of those being interviewed supposedly smeared mud on Mutua’s name stating that he had done little for the county and does not deserve another term in office.

This prompted Mutua to leave his engagements and rush to the set where he interrupted the programme.

According to the Governor Mutua, however, he heard on the grapevine that KTN was in his county and there were young men wanting to burn the KTN set and that was when he decided to rush to the site.

"I was told that there were enraged people who wanted to burn KTN," he said.

Mutua further noted that the interviewee was almost beaten to death and if he did not order the people to leave him alone it would have been worse.

The Governor defended himself noting that he did not receive the messages from KTN highlighting that he has been very busy

Here is the video:

Machakos governor Dr Alfred Mutua clears his name on works done