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Mau Mau presidential aspirant vows to beat Uhuru and Raila

The Mau Mau leader wants every Kenyan to be paid Sh70 million once he is elected.

Field Marshall Joseph Ngacha Karani.

Karani who is also the national chairman of Mau Mau Original lobby group is vying for the Presidency in the August elections and is among the ten independent candidates.

Interestingly, Karani also vied for the presidency in the 2002 and 2007 polls and is a former councillor from Mathira Constituency in Nyeri.


Karani believes he has what it takes to beat Uhuru and Raila come August.

Speaking to the media, the Mau Mau veteran has vowed that once elected, he will address the ills committed by the colonial government on Kenyans which include crimes against humanity, economic deprivation and atrocities committed on Kenyans.

Every Kenyan to be paid millions

To achieve this, Karani said he will strive to ensure that every Kenyan be given Sh70 million as compensation by the World Bank and the British government as reparations for persecutions suffered during war for independence.

“Four presidents have failed to address the matter and they have abandoned it. Those who talk about it do not understand it. Kenyans have been conned by the four presidents since independence,” he said.


Karani is among the Mau Mau survivors who have called for a boycott of the August polls until billions of pounds of reparations are paid by the UK to the victims of atrocities during British colonial rule in Kenya.

However, his announcement to vie for the presidency has not gone down well with a section of other Mau Mau leaders.

The Mau Mau Veterans group has disowned Karani terming him as a Nasa project and is being sponsored by the opposition.

Led by General Matenjagwo, the group dismissed Karani saying he wants to divide the Kikuyu community and mostly descendants of the Mau Mau freedom fighters.


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