Meet the cutest kids campaigning for Joho [Video & photos]

Joho devises a new way to campaign and it is the cutest ever

Joho, who is popularly known as 001, now has adorable children seemingly campaigning for him on social media.

In the latest ‘campaign video’, posted by a 9-year-old youtuber known as Savannah, the little girl sends a special message to Joho.

In the recording, the girl is donned in Joho’s cap and cutely dabs telling the Governor that she loves him.

Going through Joho’s Instagram page found out that this is not the first time Joho is reposting photos of kids holding his placards or wearing his campaign materials.

In one of his campaign, a cute little boy is seen holding a poster inscribed with the words: “Joho+Raila = 9,999998 =#10 Milion Strong”.

The same boy is also spotted in one of Joho’s photos wearing his campaign T-shirts and cap.


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