Babu Owino's Tweet on being "the future of Kenya" backfires badly

Babu Owino roasted on Twitter

File image of Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino came face to face with the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter after he shared his political ambitions and the place he wishes to occupy in Kenya's future.

Trouble started when the lawmaker posted a photo of himself at work in his office with a caption that read "I am the future of the great Republic of Kenya".

Netizens had little mercy for the MP as many were quick to point that Kenya deserves better than the controversial MP can offer, with others stating that they wouldnt wish to be part of the future that the MP was referring to.

“If you are the future then I don’t want to be in that future.” Wrote Mutichilo Mike.

Media Personality, Beatrice Marshall dismissed his post as a joke writing: “Joke 2020 and other short stories”.

“Change your ways Babu, ”wrote @MrAbraham, perhaps tired of the controversies that have been linked to the lawmaker.

Some reminded him of the January shooting incident in which he is accused of shooting DJ Evolve (Felix Orinda) at B club and urged him to clear his name first before dreaming of being the future of Kenya.

@Waigomuts sought to know the MPs’s stand on the future of DJ Evolve who spent months in ICU and cannot walk after the January shooting incident writing: “What’s your stand on DJ Evolves future?”.

"What about DJ evolves future? What will he become with A bullet drilled neck?" Added @TuneneKE.

The shooting incident was revisited with expletive comments, with many wondering what Kenya would become should the lawmaker become part of its future leadership.

In reference to the incident, some suggested that more could meet the same fate as DJ Evolve whose shooting made headlines earlier this year.

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