A war of words ensued between Capital FM radio presenters Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi during their morning show on Friday.

Amina was angry after finding Fareed's payslip and learning that he earns more than her although she has been at Capital FM the longest.

Fareed on his part argued that he had more experience than Amina and he had negotiated his contract based on his skills.

During their heated argument on air, Fareed threatened to walk out if Amina doesn't fall back stating that it is not a must for them to work together.

Payslip fight

Media personality, Fareed Khimani
Media personality, Fareed Khimani

However, Amina did not let go of her argument and at some point, she called Fareed an idiot adding that "we will not die without you."

This did not augur well with Fareed who proceeded to walk out of studio live on air.

A source who spoke to Pulselive.co.ke said that Fareed did not feel appreciated and he had not gelled well with his co-host on Capital FM.

Apparently, there has been tension between the two with claims of Fareed even smoking inside the studio something Amina is against.

Media personality Fareed Khimani
Media personality Fareed Khimani

It's business

During a past show, Fareed stated that he was not working at the Lonrho house based radio station to make friends but he was there for the money.

"I'm not here to make friends but to make money and make our listeners happy every morning," Fareed said.

The veteran radio presenter has been working at Capital FM since June this year and he made the announcement via Twitter on his first day at the job.