Waititu’s order to demolish church caused impeachment - Bishop says

Those who participated are said to have died mysteriously

Ferdinand Waititu’s order to demolish church caused impeachment - Kiambu Speaker Bishop Stephen Ndicho says

Kiambu County Speaker Bishop Stephen Ndicho has come out with a new theory saying he believes there is a correlation between the impeachment of Governor Ferdinand Waititu and an order the county boss had made requiring the demolishing of an old church in Githunguri.

Ndichu made a long post on Thursday where he narrated his fight to preserve the vintage Kanjai PCEA church.

He said the old sanctuary was unique as only two such buildings existed in the world - the other one being a Church in Canada.

Elders at Kanjai Church are said to have sought Waititu’s help to demolish the church whose demolition was opposed by church members and the local MCAs who wanted the building to be preserved by the Museums of Kenya.

Waititu defied the local community and ordered the vintage buildings which Bishop Ndichu claimed most of those who participated in the demolition have died in mysterious circumstances.

Here is Ndichu’s full post:



This magnificent church building was the only one of its kind in Africa and they were only two in the world. The other one, from where this was copied from is in Canada.

In 2018, some elders of this church and their priest at Kanjai decided to demolish it ostensibly to build another one next to it. Parishioners and the general public vehemently and violently refused to have their beautiful church be brought down.

The matter was brought to the Assembly by a public petition where MCAs voted to preserve the church after visiting the church at Kanjai in Ngewa ward Githunguri sub county.

The local priest infact insulted the MCAs and ejected them from the church.

Parishioners wrote to the National Archives and Kenya Museums for an order to preserve the building. All those were ignored. People did all they could to no avail.

Then the parishioners went to the Planning Department of the County Government of Kiambu to lodge the complaint and urge the department not to approve the demolition of the church, which the department agreed with and put a caveat on the intended demolition.

When the priest and the elders got the refusal from the Chief Officer of the Department not to demolish the church, they reported him to Governor Waititu who, after being approached by the Moderator of the PCEA General Assembly actually sacked the C.O. Mr Mr Ndung'u for refusing to approve the demolition.

When the matter came to me both as the County Speaker and a community member of Kanjai, l tried to save the church from the intended demolition.

The Moderator of the PCEA General Assembly literally went to report me to the Governor and informed him that l am the hinderance in the intended demolition of the church.

The Governor summoned me in his office where he gave me a dressing down and warned me to stop interfering with PCEA Kanjai telling me if they want to demolish their church let them do it.

As my boss, l really tried to contain myself from being emotional but warned that the consequences of his order could some day come back haunting him.

Literally, our Governor gave the elders and the priest the impetus to have the courage to demolish the church.

My warning was that there was still another church in the same cite that was also demolished in crude manner but the people who demolished it died one after the other.

I knew the dangers of the action the Governor took but he couldn't hear none of it.

Finally, the church was demolished last December 2019 and l knew that the effect of doing so will definitely come haunting guys.

Actually the first casualty of demolition of this church died mysteriously last year after writing a letter to the Heads of the church cheating them that the congregation had unanimously agreed that the church be demolished.

Am not wishing anyone any ill treatment but God's wrath to them that defile His sanctuaries is evident since time immemorial.

To me, l perceive a direct correlation between Governor Waititus impeachment at the County Assembly and the Senate on his approval for this church's demolition. Maybe plus ofcourse the other allegations coupled with his removal.

Sanctuaries are Sacred, they aren't desecrated with impunity and one goes away with it.

A great lesson for all of us.


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