Fifa probes Harambee Stars player in match fixing scandal

International Match-fixing ring linked to Harambee Stars player

Fifa headquarters

A Harambee Stars player is being investigated by the international governing body of football Fifa over his alleged involvement in match-fixing.

According to reports by the Daily Nation, defender George Owino Audi was paid millions of shillings to lose the Kenya national team’s matches.

A report released by Fifa claimed that Owino, through 177 emails between him and international match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal, conspired to manipulate the result of international matches involving Kenya.

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Owino alongside other Kenyan players who were not named in the report, was accused by Fifa of agreeing to throw away matches.

Fifa claimed that Owino conspired with Perumal to seek recruitment into an unidentified football club in Australia, where the two planned to manipulate matches in exchange for more money.

Perumal is said to have written an email to Owino sharing his intentions to commit match manipulation once he joined his new club in Australia.

The purpose I’m going to bring you there is for business, but you have to remain loyal to me only. Remain free. Salary each month is $30,000 (Sh3 million). If I say lose, you do as I say, or else you won’t see your salary,” the email read in part.

The 2010 Fifa World Cup qualifier between Kenya and Tunisia, played on October 11, 2009, is among matches that were said to have been fixed. 


However, it appears that Owino did not follow instructions, and so chances are he was not paid.

You’ve to make up your mind if you want money or result. Note that if you lose by 1-0 to Tunisia you will end up with nothing. I want a 3-0 score line," the email read in part.

"I expect the score to be 2-0 in a normal game, but with your assistance, I can get a 3-0 scoreline.” the mail which was addressed to two other Kenya national team players named as Julius and Pascal added.

According to the report, Perumal broke down the payments to Owino and shared how the Harambee Starts player would collect his money.

I understand we have four players. I will send my men with $75, 000 (Sh7.5m) for three of you and $15,000 (Sh1.5m) for the new player. You will get to see the money before the match. You give me what I want in the match and you will collect your money afterwards,” Perumal stated.


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