Find a partner and have kids - Makau Mutua tears into Dennis Itumbi

Itumbi in late night tweef with Prof Makau Mutua

Find a partner and have kids - Makau Mutua tears into Dennis Itumbi

Human Rights lawyer Makau Mutua on Wednesday clashed with former State House operative Dennis Itumbi regarding his leadership at the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC).

The tweef started when Mutua applauded ODM Leader Raila Odinga's u-turn regarding the revenue allocation formula for counties.

"I KNEW there was NO WAY Raila Odinga could be on the SAME PAGE with Moses Kuria on the CRUEL one-person-one-shilling-one-vote formula. NYET!" the activist tweeted.

Itumbi then hit back at the US-based lawyer by asking him to retire from the Chairmanship of the KHRC which Mutua founded in 1991.

"Does KHRC as an NGO that believes in Transition, have Term Limits for Board Members? Ama ni kama Cotu as long as you are elected you serve till death do you part? In that case does KHRC hold regular elections? I see you are a lifetime board member for instance....Educate me...," Itumbi tweeted.

The tweet did not sit well with the law professor who reminded Itumbi of his protracted battle against civil society organisations during his reign as State House Communications Director.

Mutua accused the former State House operative of loitering aimlessly and encouraged him to look for a partner and start having children.

"Dennis, my little brother, why bother with KHRC? You tried to kill it when you wielded the State House axe and failed. Even Moi tried and failed. Wachana na sisi. Find a partner and have kids — so that you can be busy and stop your mind from loitering aimlessly," Mutua stated.


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