Football star Daniel Adongo worries Kenyans with miserable transformation

Texts have also surfaced of Adongo allegedly insulting his mother

Football star Daniel Adongo worries Kenyans with miserable transformation

Kenyan international sportsman Daniel Adongo has become a cause of concern among the Kenyan online community after he posted content that demonstrated a miserable transformation from a rising star to a broke and seeming state of depression.

Adongo, who was the first African to play in the America's National Football League (NFL), posted several videos which not only showed his deteriorated physical state but also raised questions about his mental health.

In one video, the former rugby star was seen smoking what appeared to be marijuana with multiple cult-ish piercings in his face.

In a second video, Adongo confessed being broke as he waited to be refunded some money that was owed to him by an unnamed hotel.

The 30-year old sportsman had a promising career until 2015 when he was suspended from the NFL for alleged domestic violence.

His club, Indianapolis Colts, also cancelled his contract and he had not been able to play for another club in the past five years.

Texts have also surfaced of Adongo using extremely insulting language in communication with his mother.

We cannot, however, publish the texts out of respect for the loving mother who is battling with a possibly depressed son.

Kenyan netizens are now calling for well wishers to move with speed and ensure Adongo is helped and his dimming star restored to its shining glory.


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