The Judge Forcefully Locked Me up in His Office, Julie Gichuru Reveals

Julie Gichuru most scary experience that killed her dreams

Ms Gichuru who studied Law was interning at Hamilton, Harrison and Matthews LAw firm when the freaky incident which killed her dreams occurred.

Speaking during an interview on K24’s Central Talk, the media personality divulged that she had accompanied a junior lawyer to court when the Judge meant to listen to the presentation locked her up alone in his Chamber.

“One day we went to court with one of the junior lawyers there, at the time called John Sing – very well known now in the legal circles. We went to one of the Court of Appeal judges chambers to present some…I do not know what James was presenting. So we went in then this Court of Appeal judge pushes James Singh out, away from the door, locks me inside.

"And I am looking at him like what is going on. Then we go through this process of me running around his desk and him running after me. Chasing me.

"Eventually, I run away from the desk and back to the door and opened the door and Singh comes in. He had been banging and he comes in and asks are you okay? But he still presents whatever he was presenting as if nothing has happened," she disclosed.

Ms Gichuru noted that her colleague later told her that the judge always did that to every woman lawyer.

“As we leave he (Singh) says that he (judge) does that with all the women lawyers all the time,” Julie said.

The former news anchor highlighted that was the end of her ever wanting to practice law in Kenya.

"I was like I am not gonna practice in this country where there is so much corruption and rot in our courts, all kinds of behaviour, it is not acceptable. So I said I was going to New York or to London and be either a barrister in London or a high flying lawyer in New York," she noted.


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