Kabogo exposes fraudster posing as his son[Photos]

Kabogo warns the public

File image of former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo addressing the media

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has exposed a fraudster who has been using his name to swindle the public, claiming to be his son.

Taking to Facebook, the firebrand politician distanced himself from the young man who behind a Facebook profile bearing the names Tony Kabogo.

“This guy is a fraud an impostor. He is not my son. He is a conman, be aware. If you spot him, report him to the nearest police station,”Kabogo wrote.

A section of netizens attempted to make humour out of the post, prompting the former Kiambu governor to assert that it is a serious issue that has hurt a lot of innocent people.

" This not a joke. STOP making jokes about it. Anaumiza innocent people (He is hurting innocent people)," he added.

The post saw several members of the public come forward and confirm that they had been approached by the imposter.

Ruth Wangechi Mbatha recounted her ordeal with the imposter writing: “Av always suspected so.one day nikamuuliza if you two are related akasema sio muhimu.his English and Swahili are wanting.he has been following me with different accounts, thank God i don't meet with strangers neither do i entertain people who keep bragging.ingawaje isn't he your relative hata kama sio your son Hon. William Kabogo GitauHon. William Kabogo Gitau?

From the reactions, it appears the impostor has been focusing on ladies, luring them to meeting with some alleging that he is “woman eater”.

It has since emrged that the imposter in question operated as a matatu tout in Nairobi before resorting to his crafty ways that have landed him in troble with the former Kiambu County boss.

The former Kiambu governor has two known sons- Alvin and Andrew Kabogo.

He is married to Philomena Kabogo. 


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