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Former MP fatally shoots himself in Parliament, Malawi police confirm

Formerly a banker, Chiwaya joined active politics in 2003.

A former Member of Parliament in Malawi, Clement Chiwaya shot himself dead on Thursday in the office of Clerk of Parliament.

A former Member of Parliament (MP) in Malawi, Clement Chiwaya shot himself dead on Thursday in the office of Clerk of Parliament Fiona Kalemba, raising questions on how he was allowed to take a gun into the supposed highly-guarded premises.

Chiwaya, who once served as MP for Mongochi Central for 15 years left a suicide note which partly reads;

“While it would have been easier to hurt others with the means I have, I don’t want that to be my legacy. My heart and spirit has been brought down not because of the possession such as a vehicle but the persistent begging that I am doing to get what belongs to me."

“Is this life worth living. Probably yes to others. For me the fact that I have taken the issue to various people and I am forced to be begging them to do something is really depressing,” the late wrote.


The deceased continue detailing the dispute he had with parliamentary officials over the ownership of a specially adapted vehicle.

The former MP, while serving as the deputy speaker in 2019, began a process to allow him to buy the car provided by parliament that enabled him to drive despite his disability.

He paid for the vehicle but he accused parliament of failing to transfer ownership. In a statement released after the ex-MP's death, parliament said that the matter was still in court.

Chiwaya noted; “I don’t have any more energy to carry on. Many of you will not forgive me but I am down. I have reached the end of my tether.


If I continue living I will hurt others and I don’t want that to happen I am already suffering from my post polio syndrome which is getting worse everyday. Compounded by this these people think I am asking for charity and yet this is a vehicle I bought with my own money."

In the letter, the late concluded by thanking his wife for always being there for her as well as apologized to his children for opting to kill himself.

“I love my wife Sullea. She has given me the best 11 years or so since I made a choice to live with her. We have seen ups and downs and she is my pillar in times of hurt like this. Yes, we had plans to wed in December. Ring or no ring you gave me the best days.”


“I love my children Bhubhile Sandra Crecencia Caleb and Clement Jr. I really want to apologize to them for the pain I will bring to them.

My fear is if I continue living I will hurt others especially the people that have decided to make my life miserable that way my family will be ostracized.

I am going to Parliament and do this to make a statement that I know they are doing this because I am disabled and they don’t value me.”

Chiwaya, born in 1971 was diagnosed with polio at a young age. He then became a disability rights activist and successfully ran as an MP three times.

Police are now investigating how he was able to enter parliament, which is usually under heavy security, with a loaded pistol. In its statement parliament said that security officials thought that it was his wheelchair that triggered the metal detectors.


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