Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko will be detained at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison as he awaits a court ruling on his bail application on Thursday.

Though Nairobi Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti had ruled to have the politician detained at the Gigiri Police Station, a development on charges against the former governor caused a last minute change.

His lawyer, Assa Nyakundi, confirmed that the flamboyant politician had been taken to Kamiti after police accused him of terrorism-related charges.

"We are informed police have sworn an affidavit seeking to hold him for 30 days over terrorism-related charges," Lawyer Nyakundi told reporters.

Attempt on Sonko's life

Following an allegation that someone had attempted to poison Sonko, Magistrate Ogoti had ordered special arrangements for the former governor's security.

The judge had asked the Gigiri Police Station OCS to ensure that Sonko was safely delivered to the Kiambu court where a ruling on his bail would be issued on Thursday at 2 pm.

The Magistrate had place personal responsibility for Sonko's safety on the OCS and the investigation officer attached to Sonko's case.