Atwoli explains why he's now against BBI

Atwoli opposed to BBI now

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli has criticized the Building Bridges Initiative report which was released on Wednesday.

Speaking to the press on Thursday in Kisumu, Atwoli opined that the BBI report released did not address the main challenge which Kenyans face after elections.

"The report did not address the issue of exclusivity in governance which is the main reason why Kenyans fight every electioneering period,” the Cotu boss stated.

He suggested that the BBI report if implemented in its current form, would throw the country into anarchy.

Atwoli blamed the BBI taskforce saying they drifted away from the purpose for which it was designed.

Changes suggested

The trade unionist insisted that the report should be re-looked in order to address the cause of division in the country.

He stated that the BBI as it currently does not have anything new other than the reintroduction of a weak Prime Minister.

According to the Cotu boss, the BBI should have included the position of a powerful prime minister and a parliamentary system of governance which was the only way to achieve inclusion.

He opined that all presidential candidates should be nominated to Parliament “so that they can have somewhere to hang”.


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