Full list of 24 laws passed by Parliament that have now been declared null and void

High Court overturns Acts of Parliament

National Assembly of Kenya with members exercising social distancing

The High Court of Kenya on Thursday overturned up to 24 Acts of Parliament.

According to the ruling by the court, the laws were passed by the National Assembly without the approval of the Senate.

The three-judge bench declared the acts unconstitutional, null and void.

The Senate moved to court against it's National Assembly wing citing a number of laws that were passed without their involvement, some of which involve the counties.

The 24 acts were listed as;

  1. The Public Trustee Amendment Act No.6 of 2018
  2. The Building Surveyors act, 2018, No.19 of 2018
  3. Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act No.5 of 2018
  4. The Statute Law Miscellaneous Amendments No.4 of 2018
  5. The Kenya Coast Guard Service Act No.11 of 2018
  6. The Tax Laws Amendment Act No.9 of 2018
  7. The Statute Law Miscellaneous Amendments Act No.18 of 2018
  8. The Supplementary Appropriation Act No.2 of 2018
  9. The Equalization Fund Appropriation Act No.3 of 2018
  10. The Sacco Societies Amendment 2018, No.16 of 2018
  11. The Finance Act No.10 of of 2018
  12. The Appropriations Act No.7 of 2018
  13. The Capital Markets Amendment Act No.15 of 2018
  14. The National Youth Service Act No.17 of 2018
  15. The Supplementary Appropriation Act No.13 of 2018
  16. The Health Laws Amendment Act No.5 of 2019
  17. The Sports Amendment Act No.7 of 2019
  18. The Statute Law Law Miscellaneous Amendments Act 2019
  19. National Government Constituency Development Fund Act, 2015
  20. The National Cohesion and Integration Amendment Act 2019
  21. The Supplementary Appropriation Act No.9 of 2019
  22. The Appropriation Act 2019
  23. The Insurance Amendment Act 2019
  24. The National Government Constituency Development Fund Act 2015


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