Please be Jubilee party SG - Moses Kuria proposes to Edwin Sifuna on national TV

Sifuna nakuomba, nanyenyekea, come be our SG - Moses Kuria

Please be Jubilee party Secretary General - Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria proposes to ODM official Edwin Sifuna on national TV

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Thursday morning extended an invitation to ODM party Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna to join the Jubilee Party.

The two were part of a panel discussing Tanga Tanga MPs' recent move to join BBI rallies.

The MP admitted that the Jubilee Party is fragmented and they are in desperate need for party officials who are able to mobilize the MPs to speak in one voice.

"Let me admit that as Jubilee Party we have never had a meeting where we resolved that BBI is an agenda supported by the party.

"I submit my invitation to SG Edwin Sifuna, please come and be our SG because the problem is that our SG is his co-SG. That is what happened with the handshake, you took all our assets," Kuria stated to the amusement of the moderator Mike Gitonga and his fellow panelists Mr Sifuna and Kakamega Senator Cleopas Malala.

Kuria added: "They took our SG, now ODM has two please Sifuna, nakuomba (I beg you), nanyenyekea (I humbly request you) come and be our SG for only one month until we reach a consensus [on BBI]."

The problem is in Jubilee party - Moses Kuria

The Gatundu lawmaker went on to dress down the ruling party arguing that the party is failing in its mandate to groom strong leaders.

"I agree that the problem is Jubilee. I don't agree with Raila Odinga on so many things politically but we have mutual respect for each other and one of the things I respect Raila for, is grooming leaders.

"You [Sifuna] have zero chances of being Jubilee SG but I can see that Raila Odinga is building Edwin Sifuna for greater things that will go on his record. I am not crossing over to ODM because I don't agree with ODM's political ideology but I have to recognize when something good is happening. Look at Cleo [Senator Malala] and you can see that he is getting somewhere.

"Go look at your contemporaries, your age mates in Jubilee, and especially from the region I come from we don't build leaders, we destroy them. Do you know how long it will take for Mt Kenya to produce another Moses Kuria?" the MP argued.

Kuria assured that "tanga tanga" MPs who will be attending the upcoming BBI rally in Mombasa will not be there to cause a scene but to observe.


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