Moses Kuria's rare praise of Uhuru & BBI triggers speculation of political defection

Kuria has a taken a break from politics as he battled Covid19

File image of Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Thursday made a rare praise of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the BBI process over the passage of the Counties Revenue Sharing formula in the Senate.

Kuria termed the new formula as a big win for the one man one shilling campaign that has been largely pushed by Mt Kenya politicians.

The MP appeared to break off from the Tanga Tanga camp which did not acknowledge President Kenyatta's offer to increase county allocation by Sh50 billion cushioning all counties against losing their revenue share in the new formula.

"By offering a transitional relief of Ksh 54 Billion CONDITIONAL GRANT, President Uhuru Kenyatta has made it possible to not only break the stalemate but also ensure that no county receives an allocation less than what they received in the Financial Year 2019/2020."

"Further the extra Ksh 54 Billion is not a Harambee donation to Counties- It is a conditional grant which will be ring fenced for health, water and roads and not left to the whims of Counties. Whereas the Formula as passed ensures fairness in PRINCIPLE, the Ksh 54 Billion ensures that the fairness works in PRACTICE. Thank you Mr President Sir!" the outspoken MP' statement read in part.

The Tanga Tanga MPs responded by praising Deputy President William Ruto for his earlier call for a win-win formula.

The fact that Kuria did not mention Ruto in his statement further fueled speculation that he could be on his way out of Tanga Tanga.

The MP has recently taken a break from the busy political calendar as he is battling Covid19 at the Karen Hospital.

Here is the rest of Kuria's statement:

"With the passage of the One Man, One Vote, One Shilling today, the Ksh 370 Billion if taken against an expected Ordinary Revenue of Ksh 2.1 Trillion over the same period represents 17.6 % of Revenue which is just slightly above the Constitutional threshold of 15% . Now that the historical injustice in the formula has been cured, it is possible and even desirable to devolve even more funds to counties. There is talk within the BBI circles of 45% of Revenue but with our runaway debt obligation and spiraling national wage and recurrent expenditure I do not see this being feasible. But even if we settle for 30% that would mean Ksh 750 Billion going to our counties.

Moral of the story. Lets have an Interparty Parliamentary Group (IPPG) to look at the good side of BBI and create a national consensus the way Senate and President Uhuru Kenyatta have done with the formula. It is doable. No one is absolutely right and no one is absolutely wrong. This is a lesson that no single person will solve our problems. We have to sit and reason together as Kenyans. The triumphalism of No one can stop Reggae goes against this spirit of reasoning and working together. It has to stop. If we resorted to No one Can Stop Reggae in the Revenue Sharing Formula, nothing could be achieved

This is our country. Lets talk to each other not at each other

God Bless Kenya


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