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Glovo causes heated debate online after delivering Alcohol to children

Glovo should be held responsible

Glovo causes heated debate online after delivering Alcohol to children

A parent identified as David Mugo, took to twitter to express his frustration after Glovo delivered alcohol to teenagers under 18 years.

David went ahead to state that the DCI should stop them from selling alcohol since they had no way of verifying the ages of the people who ordered alcohol.

The tweet sparked a heated debate on whether it was Glovo’s fault or poor parenting from the p[parents side.


Some of the Kenyans blamed David for poor parenting and stated that reporting the matter to the DCI wouldn’t help because they had the name and the ID of the customer.

Here are some of the comments

@munjuga001 This is what am thinking......poor parenting!!!!!! Kids who have the guts to order drinks online.

@odhiambo_oginga the delivery guy was assigned to deliver, did he know the age of the people who odered? lets not blame the delivery guy

@KamauKiserian 16 year has a registered phone number. Thats where the problem starts.


@paulmgee @glovo Should be held responsible. No way of verifying the ages

@Alex1Rango How did they order? A line you availed or the other parents? Starts from there mate - Sad and Sorry but you are throwing blame to the wrong peeps.

@mougendi If you look at the age verification on these platforms, it's basically an 'Are you over 18?' question... No follow through.

@jmulomi Tunaweza funga glovo na huyu mtoto bado apate ball ..thats not good company


@s_newton254 Well Glovo should do some due diligence before alcohol deliveries are made that's corporate responsibility. On parenting a teenager i don't have enough insight about it so i won't comment about it.


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