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Good riddance! Jubilee party issues statement after DP Ruto's meeting

The irony was not lost on us - JP parliamentary caucus

President Uhuru Kenyatta, leader of the ruling Jubilee Party

The ruling Jubilee Party on Thursday issued a statement following a press address by Deputy President William Ruto.

The statement originated by the Jubilee Party parliamentary caucus called for the deputy president's name to be delisted from the party's members' list.

Accusing DP Ruto of hypocrisy and desertion, the caucus termed the DP's latest actions as attempts to distract Kenyans from the real things he is doing behind the scenes.

"We have just witnessed yet another feeble and desperate attempt to divert the attention of Kenyans from the DP's recent failed secret trip to Uganda. It is curious that neither the Kenyan government nor Uganda knew about the DP's mysterious and controversial trip as well as its objectives," the statement began.


The party went on to outline that the incident which happened at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Monday had impacted negatively on the standing relationship between the two neighbouring states.

"It must be noted that the DP's actions have caused us a diplomatic embarrassment with Uganda, our top trading partner who claimed they knew nothing about his trip. Following this trend, we are reminding the DP that he is not a private citizen: he is the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya and he is answerable to the people of Kenya. It is now clear that the DP must be protected from hi9mself as it seems he has been radicalized by his acquintances linked to terrorism," the statement outlined.

The UDA factor

JP went on to pronounce itself on the resurgence that has occurred among MPs who were elected on the party's ticket in favour of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).


The ruling party outlined that the MPs along with the DP must be removed from the official party register.

"The DP admitted that he and his team have officially adopted UDA as their party of choice ahead of next year's elections. By his admission, they are deemed to have resigned from the Jubilee Party. We are now asking the party leadership to write to the Registrar of Political Parties to strike off their names from the list of Jubilee members. We now have an opportunity to strengthen the Jubilee Party without the saboteurs," the statement read.

On his duties as President Uhuru Kenyatta's second-in-command, JP parliamentary caucus termed it as irony that DP Ruto had turned into the administrations critic.

"It is ironic that the DP asked the government to expedite the vaccination programme just a day after he revealed on national television that, with just one phone call, he helped a foreign investor secure Sh15 billion to set up a Covid-19 vaccination plant in Uganda.


"In the same breath, we urge the DP to tell Kenyans the truth when addressing the Big Four Agenda, which he claims to have nosedived after he fell out with the President in 2018. Truth is, the Big Four Agenda was launched on December 2017, and the President has been diligently working towards it, while the DP has been busy sabotaging it with his obsession with 2022 politics," the statement outlined.


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