This is an embarrassment to Uhuru- Gov Mutua after 'storming' Nairobi CBD

Governor Mutua takes on Nairobi CBD

Governor Alfred Mutua addressing Kenyans at Nairobi CBD

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Tuesday expressed his disappointment at the state of national statues and monuments located in Nairobi CBD.

The governor was in the capital when he visited various monuments in the CBD and posted pictures of the poor state that the monuments were in.

He noted that the leadership had failed in the maintenance of the historical statues which represent heroes of Kenya.

"Surely, we do not expect President Uhuru Kenyatta to personally visit, clean and repair Tom Mboya‘s or Dedan Kimathi’s statues. His people are letting him down and heads should roll. This is an embarrassment to president Uhuru and his Government," the Machakos county boss said.

Clean Up

"I am disgusted by the shameful state of neglect and disrepair of the statues. I am actually affected by their state because I participated actively in the policy for their construction," Mutua said via a tweet.

The Machakos governor called out the leadership for neglecting such important pieces of the Kenyan history and allowing the monuments to be wrecked.

He promised to take up the responsibility of maintaining the statues saying that it was an example of the leadership that Kenya has.

"This disrepair and neglect is an example of what happens when instead of concentrating on serving Wananchi, leaders are involved in propaganda campaigns and political activities for higher office," the governor said.

Shaming politicians

The governor addressed Kenyans at CBD at the Tom Mboya statue where he called out politicians for being more concerned with 2022 politics than serving Kenyans.

Governor Mutua asked Nairobi to borrow a leaf from Machakos where the county government has taken up the mandate to keep parks, monuments and other government areas clean.

Statues and monuments commemorate the historical in the eternal present, besides adding to a city’s aesthetic beauty.


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