My external appearance changed so much - Gov't spokesman Oguna narrates battle with Covid-19 and acute Pneumonia

I started hearing voices...making me wondered if i was dead or alive - Oguna

File image of Government Spokesperson Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna

Government Spokesperson Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has for the first time spoken about his battle with the Covid-19 disease.

The spokesperson confirmed his positive diagnosis on July 24, 2020 and says that he battled the disease for 28 days, all spent in hospital.

Through a thread on his verified Twitter handle, Oguna narrated the complications of the disease which confined him to an ICU bed, on life support machines.

"When I got hospitalized, I was confident that I would be locked in for only a few days, may be 10, and perhaps 14 at the very most. Such thinking was motivated by the fact that even as the admission was being processed, I did not need any support to move around. I was generally okay. But I was wrong!

"The storm struck that very same night. I suddenly woke up in excruciating pain in my chest. Breathing was extremely difficult and any effort to do so felt like a bayonet was being driven through my chest. I was literally gasping for air," he narrated.

Oguna later received an acute pneumonia diagnosis which presented greater difficulties in his respiratory system.

"I was later informed that my lung function had been severely compromised due to acute Pneumonia, and that without oxygen, chances of survival would be remote. Even on oxygen, it was still extremely difficult to breathe, and any form of movement was unbearably painful, not only in the chest, but every other part of the body. Simple activity like turning around in bed was an undertaking," the former army man conveyed.

Covid-19 is a lonely disease

The State official further narrated that he had minimal interactions with the outside world, though the hospital he was admitted at made a concession and allowed his wife to see him daily.

"During that period, I started hearing incomprehensible voices in my head, making me wonder whether I was still alive or dead. The pain, fatigue and lethargy continued unabated.

"Covid-19 is a lonely disease, and I am extremely fortunate that the hospital administration was kind enough to permit my wife to visit me every day. This was a rare privilege. Even when she visited, a glass window separated us, and there wasn’t much discussion because I could hardly finish a sentence. Nevertheless, I always looked forward to her visiting, and most times when around, her face would be filled with sadness. She later revealed that she was so worried because my external appearance had changed so much. I had suffered an acute case of hypoxia. Covid-19 is indeed a horrible disease," he disclosed.


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