Governor in trouble after his wife stepped out in Sh19M car

First Lady driving in style

Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o in trouble after wife stepped out in Sh19 million official car under EACC probe

Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o has been forced to issue a statement after his wife was spotted in a Sh19 million vehicle being investigated by the EACC.

The multi-million shilling car is an official vehicle designated for the governor's use and by extension the First Lady.

EACC, however, has been investigating the process through which the Kisumu administration acquired the Toyota Land Cruiser VXR.

The high-end car had been confiscated as the probe continues leading EACC to question how it came to be released and used by the Kisumu First Lady for official duties last week.

Statement on Nyongo's VXR

In a statement, Press Unit director Aloice Ager asserted that the vehicle was procedurally procured claiming no wrong-doing on the government's part.

"The car has been duly registered by the county and we have no knowledge of any prohibition by the EACC against its use.

"The EACC has not impounded any of the county's assets and put them under investigation. What is being investigated is the procurement process. That doesn’t stop the county from using the vehicle," he stated.


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