Yet another lover to Mary Wambui's husband emerges with nasty details of her relationship with Kori

Drama continues as fourth woman in Kori's complicated love life spills the beans

Grace Wahu who claims she had a child with Joseph Kori. She has opened up on their relationship

Yet another lover to Mary Wambui's husband emerges with nasty details of her relationship with Kori

29 year old Grace Wahu Wangari has emerged claiming that she had an affair with slain Mary Wambui's husband, Joseph Kori Karue and revealing details of their love affair that resulted in her 10 year old son.

Wahu, latest woman in Kori’s complicated love life claims that Kori deserted her in 2012 leaving her with their son just like he did to Grace Wanjiku who came out to defend Kori, claiming that she was his first wife and the man he know could not have murdered Wambui.

Opening up on her relationship with the embattled businessman, Wahu divulged that in the initial stages of their relationship, Kori was a loving and caring man and was always supportive.

However, all this changed suddenly when their son joined class one with Kori abandoning his responsibilities and asking her to relocate to Eldoret.

“We always [ended up] in bitter exchanges whenever I mentioned that I needed money to take care of the boy. With time I despaired and decided to let him be,” Wahu stated in a recent interview.

Confrontation, bitter exchange at Ngara

At one point, the businessman of able means told her that he did not have food to feed himself, let alone pay her son’s school fees stating that he “was also sleeping on an empty stomach".

“What I can’t believe is that he has always been living in Nairobi with all that money as his son suffers,” Wahu said.

She alleges that Kori disappeared into the thin air and blocked her calls shortly after he relocated from Kayole in Nairobi to Nakuru to try his hands in business leaving her with a child and a Nokia 6805 as memories.

“The day Kori blocked my phone calls was after I told him his son had fallen sick…He could not go to school for weeks and even today, he skips several days because of a recurrent allergy.” Wahu revealed.

However, as fate would have it, Wahu would next see Kori in court following the murder of his wife Mary Wambui and learn of his financial success.

An ugly confrontation ensued at one point when the two met in Ngara where they had a bitter exchange before Mr Kori gave Ms Wahu money to calm her down.

“He asked me to be calling him instead of following him up and down — and I did exactly that,” Wahu said.

Meeting at city hotel

It all began on 20 October 2007 while Wahu was a stewardess at Kikwetu restaurant in Nairobi.

Recalling how they met, she stated that “It was Kenyatta Day when he first walked into the restaurant. He was cool, smartly dressed and minding his own business. I don’t know how it happened but I just found myself serving his table and this became a habit”.

Love would blossom between the two with the union resulting into a son a year later.

She maintains that she did not have any knowledge that Kori had a wife at the time and was still young and naïve.

“Please know that I was very young…I did not have the conscience to ask him if he had a wife and children or not. I had fallen for him.” Wahu said.


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