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Woman who served tea to police during Dusit attack narrates her painful story

Dusit attack good Samaritan speaks of her own painful ordeal

Mama Grace Wambui Odongo serves officers with tea and mandazi outside the dusitD2 complex

Grace Wambui Odongo, the lady who served food to officers during the Dusit attack narrated her painful ordeal of how she was forcefully evicted from her husbands home in Kisumu.

Mrs Odongo said that she had been forced to move out of her matrimonial home during the post-election violence.

Chased away

"We settled in Nyanza because Kisumu was a good place for him (her husband) and I had no complaints, until 2007/2008," Mrs Odongo said.


"I was called by a certain old man who told me to leave Kisumu for my safety... my children were very affected, they can't come to terms as to why they had to leave their home simply because their mother is a Kikuyu," she added.

The lady who was lauded by Kenyans for stepping up and serving the security forces with food said that she decided to support with the little she had.

I resolved to prepare tea and some snacks and take to the people camping at the scene of operation," said Mrs Odongo.

"It was evident those camping at the hotel will have no time to go have some food. In fact, am not sure of any place where they would go eat at night,” she added.


She kept going back during the rescue operation taking food, tea and snacks that will help officers who couldn't take a break to eat.

As a Christian, this was the time and since l wasn’t an army officer, the only help l could offer is to cook for the officers involved in the operation,” she said.

Kenyans Support

During the Dusit attack Kenyans came together to support the victims, survivors and officers in the rescue operation.

People responded to calls to donate blood and taxi company Uber offered free rides to those who planned to go for to donate blood.


The Kenya Redcross helped during the evacuation and transfer of people who were injured to hospitals.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in a televised address on Wednesday morning said: “for every act of evil that led to injury, there were a dozen acts of compassion, overflowing patriotism and individual courage.”


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