Secret service seals off Trump’s home with big trucks filled with sand and ban aircrafts within two mile radius of his premise (Photos)

A contingent of heavily armed officers have surrounded Donald Trump’s 58-storey skyscraper in New York following anti-Trump demonstrations that were witnessed across US cities.


Heavily armed officers cordoned off section of Fifth Avenue in New York where Donald Trump’s 58-storey skyscraper stands tall. The heightened security which came in place on Thursday 10 November was a result of Wednesday nationwide anti-Trump demonstrations.

US president-elect stays at undisclosed floor within his tower which also serves as the headquarters of his business conglomerate.

Secret Service has moved full swing to protect Donald Trump; a no-fly zone was imposed over his home in New York.

Any flying objects have been banned in a two mile radius within 3,000ft of the 58-story building, which sits right at the center of New York City.

Only military, police emergency and secret service flights are exempt from the ban. The no-fly zone will be in play until he moves into the White House in Washington DC after his inauguration on 20th January, 2017.

New York Police Department has also helped to install concrete barriers around Trump Tower; big trucks filled with sand have also surrounded Trump’s home to insure safety against car bomb attacks.


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